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In November 2020 Restaurants in Solidarity launched its first pilot in Tel Aviv together with Abie, a restaurant owned by Asaf and Yotam Doktor. The owners and the restaurant have a long-standing culture of sustainability, working with local produce and high awareness of our environment. From the very beginning of the health crisis, a natural bond was formed, based on similar values and joint solidarity efforts.
Every week since, the participants in the ‘Abie community’ receive delicious nutritious meals, thoughtfully prepared by the restaurant. In the first few months, while we were still under lockdown, Abie prepared about 1,000 meals weekly. For them, the program helped bring employees back to work from unemployment. The overall volume grew by 20%, and indirectly, the work with other suppliers grew as well. Once the restaurant opened after lockdown, it started working according to the Restaurants in Solidarity model and now continuously takes care of five families in Tel Aviv: a couple of seniors, two single-parent homes, and two asylum seekers families.
Restaurant community manager: Liran Chernov.

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Casino San Remo

The friends in Casino San Remo were the second to join our program - at the most challenging time for the Israeli restaurant industry, with the uncertainty of the lockdowns. Restaurant owners, Tal Ben Baruch and Alon Levy, together with Lirom Peretz and the kitchen staff: Elior Lagziel and Danny Reznik, met with our nutritionist and built a nutritious menu fit for a community of 60 participants. The restaurant prepared daily meals for the community for many weeks. In times of general uncertainty and struggle, the support the Restaurants in Solidarity program received from the Casino group was essential - for the our team, and more importantly for the participants' families.
Restaurant community coordinator: Dudi Weizmann.

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The Bicicletta - a Tel Aviv food bar famous for its Mediterranean menu, managed by Avi Shir, Shani Marks and Or Harpak, were the first to join the program once lockdown was over and the restaurants reopened in March 2021. The restaurant's chef, Rotem Levy, together with the kitchen manager Erez Harpak, built rich and diverse menus that were customized to their community of participants. The entire Bicicletta team rose up to the occasion and volunteered to take part, not only by cooking the meals, but also by transporting and caring for the packages until they reached families’ homes. Every week, the waitresses, bartenders and kitchen staff volunteer to meet the families and to deliver the food to their doorstep, sometimes for quick visits and a closer introduction.
Restaurant community coordinator: Tal Zutra.

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Chef Yuval Ben Neria’s Taizu restaurant, one of the best known, awarded and leading restaurants in Israel, joined the program in June 2021. Every week since then, the Taizu community of participating families receives indulging thoughtful meals directly from the high end, meticulous kitchen of Chef Jennifer Frgosen. The restaurant staff widened the circles of solidarity further by collaborating with leading suppliers such as: ‘Aleh’, ‘Yarookale’, ‘Pasta Ricco’ and more who contribute great produce that is sent to the families.
Restaurant community coordinator: Roni Rahamim.

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