Restaurants in Solidarity

Restaurants in Solidarity is committed to promoting profound and lasting change while providing immediate support to people living with food insecurity. Restaurants participating in the program adopt a set community for which they cook nutritious and personalized meals on a weekly basis, tailored to dietary needs and preferences. The program forms a caring support system with nourishment that goes beyond the plate

The Restaurants

Restaurants in Solidarity began as an emergency meals program during the Covid-induced lockdowns of 2020, in collaboration with the Tel-Aviv restaurant “Abie.” As restaurants reopened, the program evolved and adapted to their regular work flow.  Participating restaurants receive the Restaurants in Solidarity badge for social engagement, communicating the sense of meaning and connectivity invoked by the program.


The Team

Restaurants in Solidarity was born out of the mutual aid group Culture of Solidarity, and is largely influenced by its radical care philosophy. Our team is composed of women of various fields of practice: business, activism and culture. Together, we synergize our diverse skills to build a dynamic and adaptable model that fits present day circumstances

Restaurants in Solidarity


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