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Culture of Solidarity

A mutual assistance community that started with the outbreak of the Covid-19 crisis. Since its foundation, Culture of Solidarity has been active in a wide range of projects: rescuing food, food donations, connecting volunteers with seniors adults, supporting single mothers, displaced persons and other people in need in everything from regular phone calls for debt settlement through to different types of emergency assistance. The movement also endorses communities fighting to dismantle oppression mechanisms and injustice and holds tours, film screenings and discussion groups to promote action on these topics.

Education for Excellence

Hinuch LePsagot is a nonprofit that acts to minimize social gaps by creating equal opportunity and social mobility for children and youth from Israel’s geographical and social periphery. The organization caters to children and youth with proven potential for excellence and operates 53 excellence centers across the country. 4,600 youth take part in the program that has 630 graduates. The nonprofit offers participants a holistic educational-social program for a decade - from the 3rd grade to the 12th grade. Graduates are then counseled in higher education, career, and more.

The Tel Aviv Opportunity Center

Specializes in employment and provides consultancy and guidance services to help Tel Aviv residents, ages 18-75, to join the workforce. Founded in 2015 in collaboration with the Ministry of Welfare and Social Services, the center has counseled thousands in job placement, integration with employers and sustainable employment. The center has helped many identify suitable career directions as well as assistance in funding courses and professional training. The service is given by a team of professionals at no charge.

Breathing in Relief

A program managed by the Ministry of Welfare in collaboration with the Joint and the Rashi Foundation, is focused on rehabilitation and empowerment of families living in poverty and suffering from exclusion. Run in 100 local municipalities across Israel, the initiative uniquely approaches the family as a whole, rather than a collective of individuals - parents and children - or a collection of different challenges - financial, economic or employment-related. A social worker and a dedicated chaperone create with the family an intervention plan that factors in all relevant aspects: finances, work, education, health, parent-child relationships and more. With the help of staff, the program gives tools and helps pave the way to reduce dependency on social services.


For over 30 years, the Lasova nonprofit has acted to ensure the most basic human needs at no cost: food, shelter and education. With 38 centers in Israel, the nonprofit manages a plethora of projects, including: 21 youth centers in the Kadima network for complementary education for children and youth; 3 soup kitchens; 11 programs for Tel Aviv’s homeless, preschool education programs, and “Asif Hair”- vans that collect discarded food.

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