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We believe that food is home, and giving food is an act of love.

Covid-19 has left many in a state of despair and food insecurity. Restaurants have also suffered a heavy blow as a result of extended lockdowns and shortage of staff. 
This period has made it all the more clear that collaborative action is essential for the survival of us all. 

Restaurants in Solidarity aspires to create a profound and sustainable impact with immediate assistance. The program forms connections between existing aid organizations and restaurants to form communities that operate as independently as possible. 

Participating restaurants cook meals every week to a regular community - families at risk, seniors, people with disabilities and other people facing food insecurity. The meals are nourishing and personally tailored to preference or health needs. By practicing radical care through food, intimate channels of connection are formed - offering nourishment that extends beyond the physical to the social, satiating both body and soul. 


Restaurants in Solidarity began as an emergency meals program in November 2020, in collaboration with Tel-Aviv's restaurant "Abie." In 6 months, it provided 18,000  fresh and healthy meals to 210 participants. 

After lockdowns were lifted, as restaurants resumed routine operation, the program was adjusted to integrate community giving with ongoing work, enabling restaurants to partake in social healing on a daily basis. 

Restaurants that mix business with social responsibility empower their employees, enrich work with an additional layer, and deepen the sense of belonging and purpose. For clients, choosing to dine in a restaurant that promotes social values is an opportunity to enjoy entertainment while actively engaging in giving circles.

Restaurants in Solidarity's nourishing meals are tailored to the restaurant's abilities on the one hand and the diner's dietary preferences on the other. The menus, designed by clinical dietician Rakela Benaltabet, are based on the Mediterranean diet's principles - a diet that is also recommended by the Ministry of Health. The meals are made of seasonal ingredients, mostly vegetarian, local, fresh and non-processed. 


The model creates a social responsibility standard and encourages active mutual solidarity, with the goal of a long-lasting impact on local communities. 

The program gives the Restaurants in Solidarity badge to participants and offers assistance and support in training, funding and operating.


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